The Funway into Electronics program is designed for the beginner to  learn basic electronics concepts step by step.

Funway into Electronics was developed in the 1970's by a young Australian entrepreneur who had a passion for electronics. He went on to found the largest electronics retailer in the country. Read more.

Over 40 years, millions of books were sold and thousands  of electronics kits were bought and constructed by kids and adults alike. Funway into Electronics was the first step in many a successful technical career.

Over the years enthusiasm for electronic kit construction ebbed and flowed and the commercial success of the Funway into Electronics program faded. It was discontinued around 2003.

Learn more about the history of Funway into Electronics from the pioneers in this video.

In 2016 the rights to the Funway into Electronics program were acquired with the intent of bringing the material back into the public domain.

This website is now the public face of Funway into Electronics. I hope that you will join me on this journey in trying to bring Funway into Electronics back to life. This is very much a work in progress.

Alex Cochran

Funway Electronics Kit 1

All the components you require to build Funway 1 Projects 1 - 10

Stereo Amp

This is a product introduction.

Clifford the Cricket

Turn off the lights and you will see the crickets eyes glow and hear it emit a sound like a chirp.

Power Amp

This is a product introduction.