Funway 3

Funway 3 was developed in 1983 and built on the concepts introduced in Funway 1 and Funway 2. It introduced the concept of integrated circuits. It consisted of a book and 10 electronics projects.

K 2660           Minder      
K 2661           Two-Up      
K 2662           Lil Pokey     
K 2663           Cricket      
K 2664           Mini Colour Organ 
K 2665           Light and Sound  
K 2666           Combination Lock 
K 2667           Mini Stereo Amp  
K 2668           Binary Bingo   
K 2669           Mini Synthesizer

Funway Electronics Kit 1

All the components you require to build Funway 1 Projects 1 - 10

Stereo Amp

This is a product introduction.

Clifford the Cricket

Turn off the lights and you will see the crickets eyes glow and hear it emit a sound like a chirp.

Power Amp

This is a product introduction.

Funway 1 Project Kits 11-20

Contains the more specialised components required to build any of the last ten projects (11-20) in Funway 1. As with the first ten projects, there is no soldering and dangerous voltages.