Funway 2

Funway 2 takes over from where Funway 1 leaves off. These projects are all built on printed circuit boards., which means all components are soldered into position so a soldering iron will be required. Funway 2 teaches you how to solder, how to avoid the pitfalls and how to use a multimeter. Projects have been specially chosen to be practical. They are all battery operated and are very safe.

Flasher - Project 1

Simple economical and fun project kit using battery power.

Ding Dong Door Bell - Project 2

Simple economical and fun project kit using battery power.

Morse Code Trainer - Project 3

Build this simple trainer and learn about Morse Code.

Universal Timer - Project 4

Are your the eggs too hard? Time them with this handy little device.

K-2625 Electronic Dice Project 5

Just as much fun to use as it is to build. They really pick randomly - there's no cheating with these dice!

Monophonic Organ Project 6

Play a tune - it's easy using the back of the PCB as a keyboard.

Transistor Radio - Project 7

Teach yourself the fundamentals of radio by building your own receiver.

Touch Switch - Project 8

Ever wondered how those lift buttons work? Build this touch switch and you will be able to work it out.

Mosquito Repeller - Project 9

Do mosquito repellers really work? Build this and you will find out how and why?

Audio Amplifier - Project 10

Use it as a general purpose amplifier. It has grat sound output.

Wireless Microphone Kit - Project 11

Transmits to any standard FM radio.

Light Activated Switch - Project 12

Switch activated when the light is turned on.

Metal Pipe Locator - Project 13

Avoid those drilling disasters! Locates pipes and wires in walls.

Sound Activated Switch - Project 14

Activated by sound. Use as a telephone ring extender.

Home or Car Alarm - Project 15

Learn the basics of alarms by constructing this basic circuit.

Electronic Siren - Project 16

Makes for a perfect sound effects circuit.

LED Level Display - Project 17

Combat dangerous overloads. Simply hook up to your stereo.

Intercom Unit - Project 18

Communicate with the whole tribe with a push of a button.

LED Counter Module - Project 19

A perfect introduction to integrated circuits. Can be adapted to a huge variety of counting applications.

Shortwave radio receiver - Project 20

You will be able to tune into a variety of shortwave stations with this kit.