Funway 1

Electronics For Beginners

Used by schools and colleges. Funway Electronics are the ideal kits to start learning the fundamentals of electronics. These kits teach the basics of electronics in a fun and practical way. Funway 1 assumes that you know nothing about electronics and goes through the basics, showing you the components and how they piece together in circuits. Perfect for kids, these kits are educational as well as entertaining. For safety reasons, no soldering is required and there are no dangerous voltages involved.

Please note: These kits do not include instructions. All information is published in the Funway 1 Book which is necessary before construction can begin on any kit. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Kits contain small parts. With Funway 1 you can build the following:

A continuity indicator
A transistor tester
A water indicator
A light/dark indicator
The flasher
An electronic siren
A dog and cat communicator
A decision maker
Morse code communicator
Music maker
A sound effects generator
A crystal set
A one transistor amplifier
Beer powered radio
A two transistor amplifier
The world’s simplest transmitter
Voice/Morse Code Transmitter
A CB radio  receiver
An amateur radio receiver
A radio booster amplifier

Funway Electronics Kit 1

All the components you require to build Funway 1 Projects 1 - 10

Funway 1 Project Kits 11-20

Contains the more specialised components required to build any of the last ten projects (11-20) in Funway 1. As with the first ten projects, there is no soldering and dangerous voltages.