Chronological record of the project

January 2016

Owner of Funway into Electronics intellectual property enters administration. Contact made to discuss purchase of the rights.

March 2016

Administrator agrees to begin negotiations around acquisition of Funway and electronic kits intellectual property.

April 2016

Due diligence reveals much of the original IP works were disposed of in head office renovations.
Legacy computer files recovered giving comprehensive list of kits.
Two out of six original kit instruction folders located in Sydney 135 out of 500 kit instructions saved. domain name acquired.

May 2016

Contact made with "Instructables" to discuss using the platform to distribute IP to the widest global audience.
Original Funway 1, 2 and 3 books obtained via Ebay.
Content digitization begins.

June 2016

IP negotiations concluded and rights  transferred. Original owner enters liquidation.
Funway 2 PCB films located in Taiwanese factory and repatriated to Australia.
Original Funway 1 blue plastic breadboard injection mold tool located in Taiwan.
Breadboard tool inspected and test production run concluded.

July 2016

"Instructables" agree to publish Funway projects.
Sourcing of components for Funway 1 kits begins. Unable to source Morse code key which is integral to a number of projects.
Design and development of DIY Morse code key using Funway 1 breadboard begins.

August 2016

Website development begins.

October 2016

Call out to electronics community to help fill gaps in Funway and Discovery electronic kit material.

November 2016

Morse code key development complete hand samples commissioned.
Website goes live in under construction status.