The Discovery series of 14 electronics projects were designed as the next logical step from Funway 3 to prepare you for more advanced electronic kit construction.

K 2800          Flash/Dash/Crash
K 2801          Siren Generator
K 2802          Wave Generator
K 2803          Fibre Optic Link
K 2804          LED Roulette
K 2805          Port Interface
K 2806          1-Watt Stereo Amp
K 2807          Multi Timer
K 2808          Power Supply
K 2809          Xenon Flasher
K 2810          Infrared Remote
K 2811          Stereo Preamp
K 2812          Light Sequencer
K 2813          Multi 555 Timer

Clifford the Cricket

Turn off the lights and you will see the crickets eyes glow and hear it emit a sound like a chirp.

Wave generator

Frequency range 10Hz to 100kHz. Both amplitude and frequency are voltage controlled.

LED Roulette Wheel

Just like running your own casino

Parallel Port Interface

Connects to the paralell port on your computer and is able to sense data.

Mini 1W Stereo Amplifier

Can be used for either stereo or mono amplifications.

Multi Timer Module

Timer ranges from 0.1 seconds to 19.4 days.

Regulated power Supply

Regulated output 1.2V - 37.5V. Current 1.5amps.

Xenon Flasher

Makes a handy bike or hazard lamp.

Infrared Remote Control

4-channel infrared remote with hand held transmitter and matching receiver.

Stereo Preamplifier

Upgrade your bare power amplifiers into a complete audio system.

Multi 555 Timer

Circuit uses a 555 timer IC as a building block for timer projects.